Training and education are key pillars to successful claims handling and exceptional client service.

Structure & Methods

Class Types

In order to better assist and educate our clients, we offer three types of training classes:

1. Formal / On-Site

The formal training program is one where we come to you.

Our team of attorneys will come and train your entire office on specially selected topics. In the past our training topics included classes in jurisdiction and how to handle EDD liens.

2. Informal / Off-site

Our informal training program is one where you come to us.

This is designed for small groups, typically a team of 5 or 6 adjusters and their supervisor. You pick the topic, come to our office in either Fullerton or Glendale, and we engage in a more informal and personal training session, culminating in a freewheeling question and answer period.

3. Virtual Training

The virtual training program is perfect for companies and orginizations with remote employees or are at a location not condusive to in-person classes.

Request More Information

Please contact Katie Peach at, our Manager of Client Services, for more information or to request a training session.