Associate Attorney – Los Angeles County Office

Loyola Law School – Juris Doctor

University of California, Riverside

Admitted to the California Bar in 2006


Alexander Shekarchian has been gainfully employed at law firms since the age of 14.  After graduating law school he worked at Hamrick & Evans representing clients on an array of matters, most notably, Insurance defense litigation. Mr. Shekarchian turned his focus to Worker’s Compensation in 2013 and has used his skills as a trained negotiator to help resolve countless matters.  In 2018 , Mr. Shekarchian worked at the applicant’s firm Hinden Breslavsky, having extensive experience on both sides affords him the ability to assess the best plan of action to quickly and effectively resolve a matter.

Mr. Shekarchian is an active member of his community through Team Beverly Hills.  Mr. Shekarchian has taught law school, mostly assisting lawyers and law students pass the California Bar Exam through Barbri. 

Outside of the office, Mr. Shekarchian enjoys entertainment and sports. As a social media consultant he has been invited to the White House as a member of the Digital Media Summit. Additionally, as a talent manager Mr. Shekarchian has helped guide the careers of Faye Dunaway, Lance Bass, Jake Paul, Entertainment Tonight’s Carly Steel, Don Benjamin, Christopher Scott, Neels Visser and many more.  Mr. Shekarchian has help produce the acclaimed war documentary Hornet’s Neat which has been enshrined at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Banning. As a native Los Angeleno he is an avid sports fan of his local teams.